Growing Cineraria Plants at Home

Cineraria plants are tropical plants. They are native to African tropical forests. They grow up to 12 to 18 inches in height and spread about 5 to 12 inches in diameter. There are many varieties of cinerarias. All of them produce different colors of beautiful flowers. If you like to grow this plant in containers. Then you should grow it from plant cuttings.

This guide is totally based on growing cinerarias from seeds. Read till the end and find out what things you need to have to grow cineraria plants from seeds.

Cineraria Seeds

In order to grow cinerarias from seeds, you need to collect few things. First is plant seeds, peat moss, sand, and a small plant pot.

First of all, buy the quality seeds from the local garden store. You will easily get them because cinerarias are common in the USA. The pack should be no more than 1 year old. Seeds that are more than 300 days old do not germinate easily.

Your germination success rate is depending on the quality of seeds.

Fill the pot with half sand and half peat moss. Then put the seed on the surface do not bury it. Just sprinkle the soil on it. Then use misting spray bottle and sprinkle water on the soil.

Here you can also use a seed starting tray. This tray comes in many different sizes. They have everything that a seed needs to sprout. All you need to do is buy such a seed starting tray. Sow the seed in any cell and cover the tray with its cover. Then put the tray in a low light area.

Keep the growing medium moist and your seeds will sprout in few days.

Cineraria seedlings

Generally, the seed will germinate in 10 days. But if you do not keep the growing medium moist then it will take more days. Once you see the seeds develop roots and a little shoot comes out of the surface. It is time to move the pot to a light area.

Remove the cover and put the tray under grow light. Use 50 to 100 watts LED grow light for a single tray of 24 cells.

At this time do not transfer them to your outdoor garden or in final pots. Once the sprouting seeds become seedlings then transfer them.

Otherwise, the new tiny plants get in shock and die.

How to Care cineraria plants?

The secret of growing cinerarias is balanced water. If you give too little water the plant-soil gets dry. The plant itself becomes weak. On the other hand, too much water causes wet soil. Waterlogged soil triggers root rot.

Put the plant under an indirect bright light for a minimum of 6 hours per day. The indoor humidity and temperature are suitable for plants. You only need to take more care about humidity in winters. The cold wind lowers the humidity in the air.

This plant needs a high humidity environment to grow. It is also a problem on summer days.

But you can save your plant by regular watering. Which is not possible in winter. So, you need to measure the humidity every day with a humidity meter in grow room.

Only fertilize it once in its entire life. Instead of spending money on costly fertilizers add organic material to the growing medium.

Home-made Compost is the perfect example of home-made easily available cheap organic material.

It has all the nutrients that a plant needs to grow tall and to produce flowers. Compost nourishes the soil and makes it well-draining and extra fertile.

It also prevents many plant diseases and pests. For safety from diseases and insects use neem oil or any insecticidal spray once a month.